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Welcome to The Kingdom Stance where we reintroduce God's original idea of community!


We provide hope, support, and solutions for those in need.

We are here to serve families and communities God's way-- with excellence and love.


The Kingdom Stance is a non-profit organization that loves God above all, and we love people!

We received the mandate in 2019 to be the extension of God's love to everyone in need of Him. As humble servants who need Him on a daily basis, we know how it feels to be lost and without hope. 


TKS is based on the unfailing Kingdom principles of God. It was built to disrupt church norms and isms for the advancement of God's Kingdom. We actually believe we can experience Heaven on Earth. We're living witnesses to God's miraculous power in our lives.


TKS provides resources to those who are marginalized and in desperate need for solutions. We are a conduit for wealth dispersed to anyone with a need to cultivate successful lives.


So, no gimmicks, no empty promises, and no odd church culture. We don't conform to today's typical belief about the four walls of a building on Sunday morning. We're breaking out! Simply put; the love and support God promises us is to be found here.

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Our Mission

To provide solutions and create positive and lasting change within the 7 pillars of society by infusing Kingdom culture, laws, concepts, ideologies and paradigms.

Our Vision

To be a conduit for the signs, wonders and miracles of God that reduce poverty, depression and oppression. To be the light that draws in all who desire to experience Heaven on Earth as everyone deserves to experience the abundance of God. We want to impact the world as we stand on Kingdom principles executed through education, support and resources for those in need.

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